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Our Office

Girl Brushing Teeth from the office of Pediatric Dental Specialists and Orthodontics in Spring, TxOur Philosophy

To provide the children of our community a caring and supportive environment with the most comfortable and highest quality dental and orthodontic care possible, all while extending excellent customer service to our parents and care-givers.

What To Expect

Since all children have their own unique personalities and life experiences, we try to tailor their appointment to what makes them most comfortable. For some, just laying down on the dental chair can cause apprehension due to fears of shots, throat cultures, or other past unfavorable medical/dental experiences. We will often perform a visual oral exam sitting up using only a mouth mirror and flashlight, until the child becomes trusting and is able to lay back. While this may take a few visits to achieve this, it pays off in the long run with a child that enjoys and looks forward to their regular dental appointments.

Parents are always welcome to come back with their children!

Our only exception is when a very extensive or invasive case requires the use of intravenous sedation with our anesthesiologist, which of course would be discussed in much greater detail if that would ever be necessary for your child. These cases are treated similar as they would be at an out-patient surgery center type facility.

Please call and speak with our new patient coordinator that can go into much greater detail and answer any questions regarding our office and your child’s appointment.

Our Commitment To You

If you feel that our office does not meet your expectations following your child’s initial visit to our office, please let a staff member be aware of your concerns and the visit will be provided to you at no cost.

New Patient Form

New Patient Form for the office of Pediatric Dental Specialists and Orthodontics in Spring, Tx

“What would I do if this were my own child?”

In a group practice setting, treatment options and outcomes are greatly enhanced. We are able to discuss cases and confer different thoughts and recommendations based on our past experience. We feel it is our duty as your child’s dental provider to discuss all options and their pros and cons, so that you the parent/caregiver are comfortable in the decisions that affect your child’s oral health.

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